Partnership with Greenscreens has partnered with leading organizations that understand the power of a connected ecosystem and want to revolutionize the digital evolution of logistics.

By connecting people, price, demand and supply, in the systems you and your trading partners already use, and our partners together enable a truly digital dynamic sourcing experience.
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TMS Partners partners with industry-leading TMS providers to not only ensure the seamless flow of the TMS transactional data that powers our AI & machine-learning, but also to allow users to have the full experience within their existing systems and workflow.

Data & Integration Partners

At Greenscreens.AI we believe that price and people are what connect the supply & demand. Through our alliances with leading providers in quote automation, procurement, capacity sourcing, and connectivity, together we enable a truly dynamic quote-to-booking experience for our customers.

Marketing Partners & Advisors

Our Marketing Partners and Advisors have a shared vision on the power of dynamic pricing in a connected ecosystem. Through collaboration with these partners, we work to build market awareness of the brand and the future of dynamic pricing for the Logistics industry.

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To offer the most flexible and connected experience, we continually evaluate and welcome new partners interested in a partnership